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Custom Nail Order Slot (DEPOSIT)

Custom Nail Order Slot (DEPOSIT)

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Step 1: Purchase a custom order slot (the $25 CAD slot price is non-refundable and will be subtracted from the final cost of your nails.) You will receive a link to a PDF download with a "Purchase Code." 

Step 2:  Fill out this form to select your custom design price tier and nail design (you will need to enter your purchase code in order to submit the form.)

Note: You have 48hrs from the time of receiving the link to fill out the custom order form or I will open up the slot for someone else. 

Step 3: Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from me within 24hrs confirming the details of your order, the final price (minus the order slot deposit) and a link to complete the purchase

Step 4: Once the final purchase is made. I begin working on your nails, the processing time is 14 days from the time of final purchase. 

NOTE: Any previously archived sets can be ordered as a custom order. 

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